Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More Deaths

Mullahs are determined to create an atmosphere of crisis and fear in Iran. All signs point at the fact that the paranoid regime of Tehran is trying hard to frighten the people and would-be dissidents.

Two journalists are sentenced to death & more executions!

All these are done to scare the people and warn any one trying to do risky stuff against the mullahs. Is there any one going to stop this regime?! I don't think so.


Bita said...

I saw some footages, and i have to tell you that I am really sick of all of it. a crowd of bloodthirty-mob, along with the very culprits of the vicious Islamic regime watch the hanging of innocent young Iranians. None says anything, as if they have been Desensitized! it is a sad, sad, sad situation, and...


Patrick Ross said...

I suppose the Middle East must be a very desensitizing area of the world to live in.

It's very sad.

Personally, I can't pass judgement on the Iranian public. I've never lived under an oppressive theocracy. I really can't relate to that experience personally.

Kash Kheirkhah said...

Winston Jan,

Thanks for your kind words as always. As for my permission, you don't need it. It'll be my pleasure. BTW, please write a bit more on that book on Carter when you get a chance. I'm very curious to know more about it since it's only available online. Thanks.

serendip said...

This execution frenzy will continue unabated for a long time because the regime is really scared of future of uprising and they think if what did back in 1987-88 worked before it's going to work this time, they are badly mistaken.


It's my personal belief that when the pragmatic military see the tides of public sentiment are near
the boiling point, they will secretly plot the overthrow and
permanent removal of these grim old Mullahs of Theocracy! Remember, Iran has a modern, educated population. A far cry from Afganistan! This is why the leadership is in such a desperate hurry for nuclear capability. They rule with fear in their gut.

They must be stopped! reb