Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pictures of Party

Pictures of Sam's Birthday party as promised. Sam and I thank Curly & friends for providing the party cake and drinks. Now Sam is old enough to have her first beer though.


CHester said...

So, the legal drinking age for cats is 1?

serendip said...

How cute. She is so precious.

Jungle Mom said...

You are too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

Yep, cats are much more mature at one than dogs are and since dogs will chase all pussycats after only one lap of spilled beer, or none, they must wait until they're legal, that's let me see, somewhere around three
So of course cats are entitled to beer and decadent party favours at one.
Beer, chocolate, whipped cream, & strawberries, yum!

Happy Purrday Sam!

ذره بین said...


With all honesty, you are a true Nut case.
The Pictures are so cute that we laughed when we looked at her face.

Sherry said...

Winston, she is soooo cute!!!!! Give her lots of birthday hugs and spoil her.

Rosemary said...

How adorable! Don't you dare your cat beer! Are you nuts? lol

Anonymous said...

I love your cute Cat .

anon said...

Lol. Poor Sam