Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tennessee Tuxedo

A sneak peak into my childhood and being grateful for things I could watch and being regretful that these days, Iranian kids at home watch nothing but Jihadi related stuff which brainwash them to be Jew-haters, America bashers. Any ways, enjoy the cartoon!


chester said...

LoL. I used to like that cartoon.

Jungle Mom said...

A trip down memory road!

saggezard said...

I love Tennessee Tuxedo, I wish the Iranian Satellite TV stations would broadcast the Persian versions. Do you remember a cartoon called Satorlan about a duckling, I could not find any links about that online, am I spelling it correctly?

katayoun said...

Dear Winston,

Who doesn't like and adore Tennessee and his laugh?


سيدعلی گدا said...

سلام وینستون جان

امروز با این پُست ، مرا بُردی به دوران خوش کودکی .... یادش بخیر