Friday, September 21, 2007

Call Columbia Univ

The ugly puppet of the Islamic Republic of Iran is going to Columbia University this coming Monday and we shouldn't let that happen. Thugs and murderers must not be given a podium to spread their propaganda and hatred.

Please call the Columbia University 24/7 Public Relation officer at (+1) 212-854-5573 or call the office of the Columbia university president Bollinger at (+1) 212.854.9970 or you could also send him a message via Fax: 212.854.9973

We've 48 hours to do every thing we can to stop the university officials running this shameful session. Please be civil and polite in expressing your frustration and dissatisfaction with such stupid move.

I've already called and talked to the public relation officer and told them this is very wrong to invite a murderer to Columbia Univ. You should do the same! Let them know what they are going to do is wrong and it is not right to let a madman speak his genocidal mind on campus!

A must read: Why does Columbia host Ahmadinejad


chester said...

I did

Bita said...

I have sent them a fax too.

Azarmehr said...

Its so frustrating and no amount of logical thinking can explain it. Why are Western statesmen and academics so adamant at providing more and more platforms for radical Islamic propaganda??

I thought when the "home grown" terrorists were responsible for the latest terror attacks these idiots would wake up but they seem hell bent on breeding more and more brainwashed militant muslims by providing all their facilities for the Islamic Republic to spread its lies uncontested.

At least if they could place a pre-condition that Ahmadi-Nejad could speak at Columbia in return a secular advocate could speak freely at an Iranian university but nope they are beyond stupidity.

It is left to the people in Western democracies to make sure their elected representatives have the balls to stand up to further spread of Islamic fundamentalism and their universities and their media do not become tools of militant Islamists.

Frieda said...

see this video where Columbia University president says that, "sure we would have invited Hitler if he was alive" there you go!

so I don't think they will withdraw their invitation...but they promised that they will ask "hard" questions!!! let's see if they will ask about the public hanging, stonings, political prisoners, kurdish journalist killings, Bahai executions..on and on