Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Louise, you asked about my opinion regarding 'this report' and first of all I'd say these reports can be inaccurate and personally it is very hard to believe the mass-media when they publish such top-secret reports. Many experts believe the war with the Iranian regime is inevitable. And I'd like to say it is darn about time to teach these fanatic clerics in Tehran a lesson and force them, at least, to behave. However, I am frustrated with inaction on the side of the US government when it comes to the most dangerous regime of our time.

I mean there are many other options that have not been tried at all and then opting for the war, now, is a mistake. I'm not talking about diplomacy and useless talks with the Iranians. I'm certainly talking about ways to overthrow the mullahs and help form a responsible and democratic government in Iran. The Americans have not tried any of the options that are available to all of us to remove the mullahs peacefully. Let's bomb the Iranian people with a 24/7 anti-mullahcracy propaganda campaign for 2-3 months and you'll see the result. Let the mullahs know that the official US policy is "Regime Change" and it will work. Have we tried any thing like these? Absolutely not.

I am, however, pretty much concerned about the coming consequences of any aerial attack against the regime. What's going to happen? What's the mullahs response to any attack? Who's going to take charge if things go wrong?And one more important thing is whether the US is going to let the wounded mullahs remain in power or not... I propose to the US authorities that once they start attacking the regime's positions, they better finish them off too, otherwise Iran will end up being another Iraq or worse like 1991 when the coalition came short of removing Saddam Hussein.

This is no child's play though!


Louise said...

Thanks for that, Winston. I also had to smirk a bit at the top-secret business. I read yesterday that Iran seems to be crumbling a bit under pressure with respect to its nuclear program. Sometimes I think the sabre rattling is part of the overall strategy of applying pressure.

SERENDIP said...

Rafsanjani was elected as the speaker of GC. However, I think it's ploy to fool the Americans and buy more time to build their WMD.

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chester said...

"Everyone is talking about the May 15th Prophecy "

Really? I'm not

Louise said...

It's the voices in his head, Chester.

Personally, I think the British withdrawal from Basra to the Basra airport is connected to this. I'm not sure how a sortie of war planes can reach Iran, other than via southern Iraq. There have been a lot of events in the past two to three weeks that are pointing to that possibility and it looks to me as if the Mad Mullah's regime is getting the message. However, do they really care? Perhaps they are exalted by the imminent return of the hidden imam.