Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mini-Hitler Lies

Iran's ugly puppet: Iran not jailing dissident academics
    "It is possible that a university professor or a student be under prosecution like all others but it does not necessarily mean that professors and students are under pressure in Iran."
This petty man is just another lying bastard!

And here is ambassador Bolton on Mini-Hitler appearance at the UN


serendip said...

Dear Winston: Did you see him on Charlie Rose? He was disgusting and lieing through his teeth. He said 30 years ago they were many poors and people were suffering and the prisons were full...Unbelievable.

You can see it on

Anon said...

Serendip -

I watched some of the Rose interview. I had to shut it off. He can't speak without lying. It was absurd waste of time.

Azarmehr said...

If they don't know about Shiite custom of Taghieh, they will never imagine how much these mullahs and their cronies can lie! Its beyond their wildest imagination.