Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Puppet goes to NYC

I have not been to NYC yet but heard it is a magnificent city and I think president "I'm-mad-in-jihad" loves the city so much that he goes there every year.

This time he wanted to see Sept, 11th ground zero. But, fortunately, his request was denied.

دلقک زشت رژیم اسلامی قصد بازدید از خرابه های حادثه هولناک 11 سپتامبر در شهر نیویورک امریکا رو داشته که خوشبختانه تقاضای این دلقک زشت رژیم توسط مقامات شهر نیویورک رد شد

این رو هم ببینید:
درخواست احمدی نژاد برای دیدن محل حادثه 11 سپتامبر


Frieda said...

Well apparently he is going there anyway...see the link:

saggezard said...

What a repulsive hypocrite puppet. I am sorry, but in face of all the atrocities the Islamic republic has committed, inaction by the United States is complicity.

Anon said...

saggezard -

Since the U.N. is here, we can't stop him from coming. It would take a vote by the U.N. to keep him out.