Friday, October 19, 2007

Iranians hate Carter

Jimmy Carter hatred is alive among exiled Iranians:
    "Not only did Carter cause problems for Jews and non-Jews who were forced out of Iran, but he changed the whole dynamic of the Middle East by his backing of Khomeini, and that has had a whole ripple effect in the Middle East, which America is still trying to recover from..."
Any one who doesn't have a problem with this low-life man, Carter, must be nuts! I wish some exiled Iranians with guts try to bring him to justice for his crimes against thousands of Iranians. At least, he should explain to millions of us why he allowed this thing to happen on his watch.


Anon said...

Americans hate Carter too!

kazumiiwa said...

Nah man. Only Repugnants hate Carter.

Kafir said...

Iranians should hate Carter. He is responsible for the cesspool that is Iran today. He could have supported the Shah and crushed the 1979 revolution, but he didn't. I once saw a news program where they were going to ask him questions about the economy and foreign policy. I wondered why anyone would ask him about anything, especially those two subjects!