Friday, November 9, 2007

Dion's Hypocrisy

Dion pledges to slash poverty rates in Canada if elected PM

Isn't this a huge hypocritical issue for someone whose party's policies have made Canadians poorer through the past few years? And survival of his party is based on the poor. Because Liberals want the poor to be out there so they can manipulate them. Use them as welfare-slaves and blackmail the poor during the elections.

By the way, those 3.4 milion people living in poverty Mr. Dion would like to help if elected PM are not the direct result of more than a decade long Liberal leadership in this great country? At least, I can ask that question.

I am kinda surprised! Are you not?!


Giovahnna m.m said...

You asked for me to translate my critic. I don't know if you know the magazine, or the writer .. But I translate on the internet. Lolol ... Kisses. Giovahnna...

I dont know if you'll enjoy it..But...Its a big irony.lolol.

There is a time i read ‘VEJA’ and you realy smart criticism very contradictory and politically Diogo Mainardi ... (Who felt the irony?)
For Waht?! The pages that I step my eyes are full of media, to a certain controversy and be commented ...
Does the principle of sociology, which every human being is anywhere in the world, thinks the whole day! ... But these thoughts, incredible as it may seem, would be involuntary ...
If it were to follow this line of reasoning, I would say that we believe in what the company 'send' the people think.

Diogo Mainardi write about what we see as dirty and obvious, 'perfect' and 'funny' of our reality more explicit ... But we managed to see! Because devils then a frustrated filmmaker writes to see and think about! I have the theories:
First: ‘VEJA’ controls much of society . A society that rate the ‘crazy’ people (Thak god we have them. The 'normals' are destroying the world). So who likes this result, it is your tree: poor. Citing a popular phrase: God loves the poor, no?Made several of them.

Second: Read what Mainardi writing is like in order for the thoughts. And get confused by thinking of what he writes, because what he writes makes us think where we think it is just ... What does that of the poor read. After all, if it meets the thoughts that society requires follow, it is nothing more than a bunch of thoughts equal (and unnecessarily adorned), pretending to be contradictory to the principles of who we send follow them ... (in the conclusion, it would be a colidente exactly according to the rules of normal, nothing more than 'one' in the line of thinking required).

Some like the way he refers to esquerdistas.Qualquer citizen, 'sold' or not, anyone who lives (in the skin or sweat) the situation of Brazil today (it 'by accident' is the same as always), there there should shock with their criticisms. They are so stupidly obvious clichés and ... What!
Others, of how recrimina the popular movies or celebrities, composers, singers etc. If he at least spoke of the 'popular-no-question', as we call it music, movies or personalities ... But not, it beats talking head of the large, the bons.Dos really good.

He wants to be a sort of black sheep of journalism! There is imposible! Being columnist of the ‘VEJA’ is really head and thinking! ‘VEJA’ follows their standards, it also wants to medium, imposing the right and wrong according to the vision of the bourgeoisie ... Thoughts really contrary would not be acceptable, but nobody sees THIS? In that entire line of reasoning suggests, it is only the base. Ô Brazil, when we talk about 'following forward' it’s to look the floor also...

We, crazy, believe in the future and leave the 'beginning', the base, a little hand, for insignificant analizarem and think they are at the top ... Emphasizing with a bunch of junk, laughing of authentic. WE, the crazy peoples the 'alienated' - as they say - are tired of knowing ... Let the stupeds continue to read Mainardi ... We read gibi's ... Are to mutch intristing...

Kafir said...

Here's the problem with slashing poverty rates: You gotta have money to do it. Where are you gonna get it? Well, from rich people of course. Rich people own all the companies, so when you take money from them, they raise prices to cover the additional expense. Now, the poor people you set out to help are back in the same damn boat.

It's like raising the minimum wage to help poor people. When you do that, businesses just raise their prices to cover the additional payroll expense and the poor person's extra dollars just buy less than the previous dollars. I mean, if it really worked, why isn't the MW twenty bucks per hour, or fifty? Because the pols know that it doesn't work in the long run and is just a political ploy to get votes. Sad, really.