Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sarko in America

French president Sarkozy is visiting the United States. He gave a great speech at the White house and this is part of that excellent speech today:
    "Earlier on, I wished, and I did, decorate some of the great heroes, the American veterans who fought in the second world war, those heroes of the Greatest Generation. And I wanted to tell them that we in France will never forget what they did for us, ever. What I wanted to say is this: I wanted the American people to know that these simple people, these simple heroes were men, young men, who came to die upon our shores for something that they believed in, and that never will any French man or woman forget that. In my country there are thousands upon thousands of white crosses to remember those men who didn't know France, and yet who came to die on French soil. And I want to tell you that whenever a U.S. soldier dies anywhere in the world, I think of what the Americans and -- the American army and Americans have done for us."
Sarkozy is so pro-America I can't believe him. ;-)

Jokes aside, I think this is great to have a responsible and free France taking the side of the Americans in this struggle against Islamofascism, madmen and other idiots of the world.

Merci, President Sarkozy!

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Louise said...

Yes, very refreshing, isn't it. So much for all those "alienated" friends.