Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wiping Off Iran

This is what the Islamic regime does in Iran: Wiping Iranian heritage off the map:
    "Another local archaeologist who wished to remain anonymous for his safety said: "Israel should not be worried about the [Islamic] regime's threat of wiping it out from the map, it is us [Iranians] who should be worried, as the regime is determined to wipe us out of the map"."
Iran is a beautiful country f-cked by the mullahs.

Pictures from Iran


Kafir said...

What beautiful pictures. I had no idea Iran had such vistas.

There are two things in this world that try to erase the memory of everything that came before: Totalitarians and Islam. The mullahs are both.

Bardia said...

Dear Winston,
I'm so proud of you for reminding the most valuable events: reminding to hate Jimmy Carter, reminding our Queen's Birthday, reminding our Prince's perfect ideas and the most important one, reminding my father's (Cyrus the Great) anniversary.
but for these valuable things, we never let Mullahs wiping off our culture, because these are in our minds and hearts.
Best regards