Thursday, December 6, 2007

Iran's NIE

I have been busy with exams and didn't have time to add much to what other pundits have said about this latest stupid NIE report on Iran's nuclear weapon program but it really doesn't matter much what the entire world, especially anti-Bush/America idiots, say with respect to the Iran's NIE report. What matters to most of us here and inside of Iran is the recent statement by President Bush on Tuesday saying:
    "Look, Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous, and Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon."
Israeli and French governments have not fallen in the trap yet. And moreover this report made by the Washington based bureaucrats makes no sense at all. Given the history of what rogue elements within CIA and the US State Dept have been doing in the past few years to undermine President Bush administration, I am not surprised to hear this nonsense at all. This new NIE report was co-sponsored by the Democrats in the US House of Representatives that are so eager to see Bush and America defeated and humiliated on the world stage that they've no shame to go this far to humiliate American image around the world... Any how, here are great articles on this latest findings which raise many good questions with regards to the credibility of this NIE report:

Michael Rubin, Max Boot, and Gabriel Schoenfeld, Norman Podhoretz, Ambassador Bolton and Michael Ledeen.


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amir said...

Can I make a suggestion? In the "ABOUT ME" section of your blog, please have the "Iranian" removed. That clarifies things a bit.

Winston said...

No, dude, you can't make a suggestion. Mullahs' supporters can't make any suggestion.