Sunday, December 30, 2007

Six Angry Days

Persian service of the infamous Voice of America reports that the students of Esfahan university in central Iran have begun their 6th day of strikes and protests over the mistreatment of dissenting students and the major reason behind their strike is to show solidarity with their fellow classmates who were expelled from the campus for activities that were deemed anti-revolutionary.

These protests might appear minor or unimportant but the important thing is that the vast majority of the people inside of Iran, from students to workers, want to be free to express their opinions and these small protests here and there are main evidences of the storm that has been gathering in Iran for quite some time now. Not a day goes by where small groups of people, students or workers don't express their anger against the regime through any possible means. All you need to do is to check the news that is coming out of Iran and you'll see how frustrated and angry they are. There's a huge potential for change but it needs to be triggered, supported and led well to bear fruits.


anon again said...

If they don't get the help in '08, and we end up with a democrat in the White House (god forbid), I think the outlook for any help from us will be bleak (nil)for at least 4 or 5 yrs.

Louise said...

The day is coming, Winston. I only hope they don't give up. As long as their is a core of committed and courageous individuals who will not let the light of hope go out, Iran will make it.

Things are getting really heated in the Islamic world. I think the conflict between Islamists and moderates will soon come to a head.

I hope I live long enough to witness the flowering of Persia and it's return to greatness. Don't ever give up hope.