Monday, January 28, 2008

Angry Students

I am sure that by now all of you have heard of the recent student protests in Tehran. Around 12:30 pm local time, more than 500 angry students of the University of Tehran, calling themselves pro-democracy students, took to the streets to protest against the low quality of services and foods on campuses. Once they reached the neighboring streets, their numbers grew to more than 1500 and there the anti-riot police clashed with them. It's still going on as of January 28th. Some 1000 students have showed up to back up their angry classmates tonight (Monday) and it's getting bigger by the minute.

This has been the largest protest by the university students since last summer and I do suspect that this so-called "bad taste of food" was just another noble excuse to rant against the Islamonazi regime of Iran. The pro-democratic forces inside of Iran deserve to be supported overwhelmingly and we should do what we can to empower them in their fight against our common enemy which is the mullahocratic regime of Tehran.

Update I: The students have continued their protests for the 2nd night and they're clashing with the anti-riot police, Iran Press News web site reports.

Update II on Jan 28th: Students are still out protesting against the recent crackdowns. The entire gathering which was about bad quality of food and services on campus has now become a very bold anti-regime gathering where students have chanted "Death to Dictatorship" and "Death to Khamenei". 10 Students wounded and around 5 active students have been detained.

Update III: AEI's Michael Rubin has more on NRO about these recent protests.

Also: US State Dept protests the murder of the jailed dissident student


Anon said...

I didn't see this protest covered at all in the mainstream media.
Thanks for letting us know.

chester said...

Thanx for your reports. No one is covering this.
It's a shame.

Tapline said...

spirit, I haven't seen this at all, but I haven't been over to the main blogs today...I'll check....thanks for the info.....stay well...

Linda P said...

I followed a link from your comment at Pajamas Media to this blog. If I had not done so, I would not have known about these student protests. And I read the blogs and consider myself pretty well-informed about these matters. Thanks for the info.