Sunday, January 13, 2008

Darth Vader

This is quite hilarious. And needless to mention that the Saudi king is certainly the head of an evil system.

Darth Vader


chester said...

Ha Ha Ha!
I can think of a few other people who deserve the same musical welcome.

Amir said...

Thanks Winston. The video was very informative. I just wonder why King Abdullah is a very good friend of George Bush.

Winston said...

ََAmir, do you know what Bush Derangement Syndrome is?

Sohrab said...

wait, was it activists who gave him that welcome?

If it was: many many kudos to them!

Kafir said...


It is because you do not bite the hand that feeds you, even if that hand occasionally strikes you. That's why the Saudis are not only good friends of the Bush's, they were good friends of the Clintons, Reagans, Carters, Fords, etc.

The good news is that Honda plans to introduce a Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle this year. Soon, that hand will no longer be feeding us; then we can watch while the leaders of China and India bow and scrape at the feet of the Saudi King.

Garth Farkley said...


What energy source do you suppose we'll use to extract the hyrdrogen. It doesn't grow on trees.

Kafir said...


Ever heard of nuclear power?