Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nukes Continued

Iran weapons project 'continued' says UK ambassador to the IAEA.

It's interesting that the French, Israelis, British, Germans, Russians and many other European governments suspect the Iranian regime's nuclear ambitions and have voiced their own concerns about that, but the left wing media and many peace activists in the US and Europe want us to believe otherwise. Whom do you believe here? Governments or bunch of crazy leftists?!?


Louise said...

Too bad nuclear weapons couldn't hone in on selective targets. I'd kinda like to prove a point, if you know what I mean.

Kafir said...

Well, what do you expect us to do? Those same sources assured us Saddam had WMDs but, when we got there, there were none. Then, they turned on us and said "See, we told you there weren't any WMDs there. Why did you warmongering Americans invade such a peaceful country?"

Rosemary said...

"Government or a bunch of crazy leftists?

Isn't that redundant?