Thursday, February 28, 2008

Number One

The idiot in chief of the Islamic Republic claims that his country is the "Number One" power in the world but let me tell you what he really means:

Iran under the rule of mullahonazis since 1979 has been number one in executing the homosexuals, dissidents and ethnic or religious minorities. It's been number one in jailing journalists and students. Iranian regime has been number one in funding terrorism around the world. Islamic Republic has done a wonderful job making the Iranian people poorer. It has done a great job isolating the Iranian people from the rest of the civilized world. Pollution in city of Tehran is so bad that it now ranks among the most polluted cities of the world after Mexico City. Yes, somebody gotta tell this moron that these are where Iran is number one at. Iran is number one state sponsor of terror according to the US State Dept. Iran is number one in exporting girls to southern Persian Gulf neighboring countries for the purpose of prostitution. Drug addiction is terrible among the Iranians. Poverty, crime and corruption is at all time high. Mr. Ahmadinjihad, give me a break! You couldn't provide fuel to your own people this past month. Who do you think we are?

Ahmadinejad's country, which happens to be my motherland unfortunately, is number one at "Crime", "Terrorism", "Drug addiction", "Prostitution", "Jailing dissidents", "Poverty", "Oppression", "Depression", "Economic recession", "Unemployment", "Fuel ration", "Anti-semiticism"... etc

Iran is nothing but a ruined country, an occupied land with depressed and oppressed people in it... So, don't give me this BS, Mr. Ahmadinjihad. Your regime has done nothing for the people of Iran and won't do any thing for them because your loyalty lies with the fascist religion of Islam and not with the sacred land of Iran. All of us know where Iran stands and where it is heading under your Islamic leadership: Abyss.

یکی نیست به این احمقی نژاد و رژیم ملعون اسلامی بگه خفه شید ؟ خیلی جرات میخواد در مملکتی که مردم هر روز فقیر تر میشوند و اوضاعش هم خرابه در سطح دنیا،رییس مملکت ادعا کنه که کشورش شماره یک دنیا باشه. کشوری که فحشا و فساد و اعتیاد در اون بیداد میکنه و حقوق بشر و حیوان و گیاه هم رعایت نمیشه. مرگ بر این رژیم کثیف و جنایتکار. این حکومت سیاهی و تباهی فقط و فقط در یک مورد شماره یک دنیا هست: جنایت


Azarmehr said...


tanhA chizi keh in AkhoondA kam nadArand roo hastesh.

Rosemary said...

You have this habit of wording your thoughts so eloquantly. Somehow, however, I still feel like crying for the people of Persia. Did you know that Persia used to be a Christian nation? Yup.

Here is a prayer group for Iran: فارسی. (Forty Days of Prayer and Fasting for Iran.) I shall continue to pray for freedom for your countrymen.

chester said...

Good post !

na said...

وقتي حسينبن سعيد, منظور همين حسين پسر سعيد(بارک حسين اباما) پرزيدنت ايالات متحده ي اسلامي آمريکا شد,پرچم لا الاه اللله هم در واشنگتن به احتزاز در مياد و با دوستان جديد مثل ايران سوريه و ک.شمالي و دوستان عرب که در مرز افغانستان و پاکستان گير کردند , در کنار هم با فرهنگ دمکراتهايي مثل حجتلاسلام اباما و سکينه کلينتن با صفا و صميميت زندگي ميکنيم.

Lux Lex said...

Good Stuff Winnie! Tell it Like it is!!!

نظربازی said...

با شما هم کلامم