Thursday, February 21, 2008

To Hate NYTimes

Hating left wing media is an easy thing to do. All one sane person has to do to dislike them is to watch/read them for less than 1 hour a day and the mental sanity will lead him/her to hate the anti-American left wing media such as NBC, CBS, NY Times, LA Times... etc forever.

But here is a simple example explaining why I do hate the disgraced New York Times newspaper. I am not going to mention their pro-Jihadist agenda of leaking classified information or tons of endorsements for the likes of Ahmadinejad's regime, Hamas terrorists, Chavez or Fidel Castro.

Almost a month ago, this disgraced leftist newspaper endorsed the Republican presidential candidate John McCain and suddenly yesterday, this hated newspaper attacked Senator McCain accusing him of an inappropriate relationship with a female lobbyist 8 years ago.

I don't care if the accusations are true or false but the fact here is that one can not trust the leftist media such as New York Times. These people have no shame and they say one thing in front of you and the other day, they'll stab you in the back. What these Commie media do is shameful and ought to be criticized. It's to be remembered that NYTimes is not a fair, balanced and monitoring media outlet that one can expect in a free society. NYT is a disgrace to all fair minded journalists and a shameful, worthless and silly piece of paper that should not be purchased, circulated, quoted or trusted these days.

No wonder why their stock value has gone down very bad in the past few decades...

And one lesson for Senator McCain: Do not trust the leftists, do not seek their trust/friendship because they hate you for what you are: A Republican (even if you're a RINO). Leftists can not be trusted and can not be compromised with. Period!


chester said...

They're despicable.

So what else is new?

Kafir said...

Two comments. First, I heard it said before the Republican candidates announced that the MSM would fawn all over John McCain right up until he was the nominee, then they would turn on him like pit bulls.

Second, I heard that the total value of the NYT's outstanding stock was equal to the value of the building they own in NYC. Therefore, the stockholders see absolutely no value in the operations of the company, only its assets. So there you go.

Aardvark EF-111B said...

well said, totally agree

in my place, you can replace NYT by BBC and still your post maintain its meaning