Sunday, February 3, 2008

US Didn't Create OBL

The United States did not create Osama bin Laden says the US State Department:
    "The United States did not "create" Osama bin Laden or al Qaeda. The United States supported the Afghans fighting for their country's freedom -- as did other countries, including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, Egypt, and the UK -- but the United States did not support the "Afghan Arabs," the Arabs and other Muslims who came to fight in Afghanistan for broader goals. CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergen notes that the "Afghan Arabs functioned independently and had their own sources of funding"."


avideditorla said...

Do you still trust the state department. Under my impression they are a bunch of fascist commies.

I am pretty sure I have read in many places that we did fund him for a time. But I think he was a different man then and we can not be responsible for his dark changes.

What do you think?

Winston said...

No, I don't like the US State Department for their stupid stance on Iranian issues.... etc but I thought this was an official explanation that needed to be heard by others. That's why I re-posted that.

Kafir said...

I was kind of hoping the US did create him. I don't know about the ME, but in the west you lose all credibility when it's discovered that the people you're railing against are those who created you.