Sunday, February 3, 2008

Vote Wisely!

For the past few weeks every body from the mainstream media to the radio talk shows and ordinary bloggers are talking about the US presidential campaign and other noteworthy news items are totally ignored and will be ignored as the campaign heats up further. On the Dems' side Senators Barrack Obama (aka Osama according to Ted Kennedy) and Hillary (Hitlery according to myself) Clinton are almost the same and I don't see much differences there. Obama is an inexperienced empty suit while Hillary is a power hungry woman who wants to be back in the White House to further her own agenda and turns the United States into a Socialist-Pacifist state just like Sweden or France.

On the GOP side of the campaign, there is John McCain (aka McLame) and governor Romney. The more I hear about McCain, the more I dislike him and his un-conservative stances on social and economic issues and then there is Governor Mitt Romney who is a nice guy with tons of money and a great background. When it comes to foreign policy and national security, Romney and McCain are not so much different but on social and economic issues, they are worlds apart.

This is the ugliest US presidential campaign ever and it is very unclear who is going to be the US president for the next few years but for the sake of sanity, security and world order, I hope the next US president is a Republican one. Obama wants to negotiate with all terrorists and Hillary would do the same, albeit with some delays. It's only the GOP candidates like McCain or Romney who would really take the fight to the Islamofascists and will make sure that the winner is the United States. To me, McCain or Romney will be better and stronger presidents.

I'm a foreigner when it comes to US elections but for one thing I'm as much worried about the Democratic candidates' stance as any sane American voters. These Democrats wouldn't hesitate to wave the surrender flag once they're back in the office. The smart and concerned American citizens shouldn't let their country surrender. Remember, those fighting for their very freedoms in Iraq, Iran, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Lebanon and else where look at the upcoming elections and would like to see a strong president who goes the long mile to support them in words and actions, not some one who wants to talk to their oppressors. The oppressed of this world best hope is a strong America.

Please vote wisely!


chester said...

"The oppressed of this world best hope is a strong America."

Indeed !

Kafir said...


I'm a Republican and I have my suspicions about both Barack and Hillary. However, we must also look at history. Almost all our wars took place under Democratic presidents. I think both those candidates are pandering to the anti-war left but will change their tune once in office. By the way, it should be noted that the anti-war left for the most part is against the war in Iraq. The effort in Afghanistan is OK with most of them. They've spent all these years complaining that we're not doing enough to get bin Laden, so if elected it would be their chance to put up or shut up. I have noted that Obama said he would invade the tribal areas of Pakistan, so that should give you an indication of what's on his mind.

If, however, they were to retreat from the war, most likely there would be another attack in the US. That would pretty much put an end to the Democratic party. It is a shame that Americans would have to die to make this point, but in the end, freedom is not free. It is paid for in blood, treasure, and lives. Many have already died to secure our freedoms and many more will do so in the future.