Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BBC Loves Mullahs

A recent report accuses BBC of supporting the Iranian mullahs:
    "British-Israeli attorney claims broadcasting network's Arabic-language radio station aired commentary biased against Israel during Second Lebanon War"
Duh!? BBC has been supporting the mullahs since day one. They gave air time to the Khomeinist people during the 1979 Islamic revolt against the Shah and they have a sad track record of appeasing the criminal clerical establishment of Iran. This is nothing new.... BBC loves the mullahs, terrorists, Jihadis and other tyrants.

یک وکیل انگلیسی بی بی سی یا همون بی بی سکینه خودمون رو به جانبداری از حکومت جنایتکار اسلامی ایران متهم کرده. البته یادشون رفته که این دستگاه 29 سال هست که از جنایتکاران اسلامی ایران حمایت علنی کرده


Amir said...

People usually label others when their logic is short of a sane argument.

Sohrab said...

BBC's Mid-East headlines are often biased against Israel. This is just another example.