Saturday, March 22, 2008


Another great piece of commentary by Amir Taheri:
    "The only way the Islamic Republic might abandon its nuclear ambitions is under duress when it realises that the cost of making a bomb, if that is indeed the aim, is much too high in terms of economic suffering, diplomatic isolation and/or military defeat."
What does it take for Hussein Obama or Hillary to read the above article and learn something new? The clueless politicians like Hussein Obama and Hillary should learn that no amount of unconditional talks (read surrender) would convince the crazy criminals of Iran to become good members of the international community. But I don't hold my breath, the defeatists in Europe and America are hell bent on appeasing the mullahs and making nice with them. But they'll be wronged and embarrassed when they find out that the Islamic regime of Tehran has no desire in being nice. If the mullahs abandon their anti-Israel/America/West rhetoric, then who would be left to be blamed for their own problems? Whom would they blame when they can't provide food and fuel to their own people?

اگر روزی برسه که اخوندهای جنایتکار دست از دشمنی با امریکا و اسراییل بردارند پس در زمستان بعدی که مشکل تامین سوخت و مایحتاج مردم هست، چه کسی رو میتونن مقصر نشون بدند؟ این سیاستمدارهای کم عقل غربی مثل حسین اوباما و هیلاری و لیبرالهای خرفت اروپایی و کانادایی فکر میکنند میتونن با معامله و تزویر و گفتگو اخوند ایرانی رو برای متوقف کردن برنامه ساخت سلاح اتمی متقاعد کنند؟ اگر اسراییل بقول اخوندها دشمن ما نباشه پس چه کسی رو اینها میتونن برای مشکلات خودشون مقصرجلوه بدهند... واقعا جای تاسف داره که امثال سناتور حسین اوباما و کلینتون اندازه همین هم شعور و درک درستی از دنیا ندارند


Anonymous said...

سال نو بر تو عزيز خجسته باد

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moghaser hamishe irooniha, esrael ya emrika kiye??