Thursday, March 27, 2008

Islamic Demands

More demands from Islamofascists in Europe. This is a must watch video clip... Plz watch and let others see it too


Kafir said...

The Saudis, who do not allow any other religions to be practiced openly in their country, are complaining about what's going on with Muslims in Eurabia? Now, don't that beat all? Is PC blind to overt hypocrisy as well? I've heard it said that if Europeans won't have the God of the Bible, then they'll have the God of the Qur'an. It's just occurred to me that perhaps if 95% of Europeans practiced Christianity instead of the other way around, I wonder how many Turkish immigrants would have converted? What they found upon arriving was a secular and somewhat decadent culture which may have had the effect of making them retreat back into their own religion.

Azadeh said...

i love this guy, watch his other greate videos.

Anonymous said...

Well said, we are so fat and complacent here in the west. Let's take this man's advice and actively seek to get oil out of our vehicles now. Oil is the drug which truely funds teror. Those who don't see this as a top priority are simply addicts; Glad to be chained to the wall of Islam.