Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mullahs' web in USA

The great anti-regime lobby warrior/exposer Mr. Hassan Daei who has long been leading an important fight against the Iranian regime's agents in North Amerirca for the past few month has a new piece out today exposing yet another creepy lobby of the Iranian Islamonazis in the US:
    "Certainly there is strong evidence than the Mullahs´ web of influence in the US, including a number of lobby organizations, business interests and pseudo-academics are hard at work to reduce pressure on Tehran and buy them time to pursue their aspiration to gain hegemony in the region and the world. The unavoidable end result will be a catastrophic war between Iran and the US. To prevent that war, we must stop the Iranian lobby and their American cohort enterprises. This is not the case of a smuggler helping a mullah get an airplane ride. This is a matter of national security and the interest of the Iranian and American people."
I just wonder whether the US Dept. of Homeland Security is aware of these bastards operating in the US or that they'd like to turn a blind eye on them because they're darn busy doing other useless stuff?

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chester said...

Hassan Daidoleslam does great work exposing these people