Thursday, April 10, 2008

Playing With Fire

The Iranian regime is definitely playing with fire when it comes to Iraq. Witnessing their attacks on Baghdad's green zone to the recent skirmishes with the US led coalition forces in Basra and Sadr city, it becomes clear that the occupational mullahs of Iran would like to destabilize the fragile Iraqi situation and challenge America for their domestic purposes. I'm hopeful that Iraq becomes the graveyard of the Iranian regime once and for all. It's about time to get rid of the clerical establishment in Iran and replace it with a more responsible, civilized and secular form of government that doesn't threaten the world security.

* President George W. Bush warns the mullahs of Iran to stop interfering in Iraq:
    The regime in Tehran also has a choice to make. It can live in peace with its neighbor, enjoy strong economic and cultural and religious ties. Or it can continue to arm and train and fund illegal militant groups, which are terrorizing the Iraqi people and turning them against Iran. If Iran makes the right choice, America will encourage a peaceful relationship between Iran and Iraq. [If] Iran makes the wrong choice, America will act to protect our interests, and our troops, and our Iraqi partners.
I think this could mean the end of the game for the crazy clerical regime of Iran. Their very next move in Iraq will be critical because, from what I hear now, President Bush won't hesitate to do the necessary job of attacking the terrorist training camps inside of Iran. The options for this crazy regime is getting narrower on a daily basis. Their nuclear ambition is making the world more worried and their endless support for Islamic terrorism in Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq and else where is another major concern for the international community.

*Michael Ledeen, again, has a new piece on the Iranian issue

Updated: AhmadInJihad wants to destroy the Western powers again! -- Although I am sure regime apologists and nutcases will come up with a silly explanations for his dumb words. They'll assure us that this regime poses no threat to any one. Well, yeah right... we believe you. Not!


Louise said...

This may be his last best act. What has it been, now? Nearly thirty years? If Bush goes down in history as the president who ended the Iranian nightmare and the Iraqi nightmare, he will be looked upon as one of the greatest presidents, in my humble opinion. But he better hurry up.

Louise said...

Since you've updated, I guess I should add that my comment above refers to Bush, not about I Am Mad About Jihad.

Winston said...

Well, I got what you meant in your first comment. Thnx for visiting..

Anonymous said...

If you were advising President Bush, what would you tell him? What do you think he should do?