Sunday, April 20, 2008

World's 911

A fine documentary is being produced to honor the sacrifices made by the US military past and present. It's just awesome, I am telling you.

Watch parts of it here. It made me moved and emotional. And as that US Marine officer put it bluntly:
    "Some people are meant to be 911 and some people are meant to call 911"
And the United States is that 911 emergency number of the world. From quakes, tsunamis and others natural disasters to helping the oppressed and liberating the masses in Europe, Mideast, Japan, Korea and beyond people look at the United States for help, assistance and leadership. America is the beacon of hope... That documentary is incredibly moving. I could barely resist not to get too emotional.


Anonymous said...

And what do we get in return? Being called the world's biggest terrorist and threat to world peace.

Anonymous said...

I do get tired of countries holding there hand out for money, aid, etc, while simultaneously shaking their fist at us.

chester said...

Incredibly moving. Great post!