Friday, May 23, 2008

Christians Arrested

I've been busy dealing with the fundraising stuff recently but it doesn't mean that the important news should be ignored or set aside. Unfortunately, Tehran's Amir-Kabir University independent news website informs us (in Persian) that as many as 10 newly Christian converts have been detained in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz where a suspicious blast killed several people in a mosque. The Amir-Kabir Univ's website mentions that the Islamic regime is now trying to tie these ex-Muslims to that bombing and prosecute them. The penalty for either of those two so-called crimes in Iran is death.

The Iranian regime's recent detention of Bahai's leadership also demonstrates the evil nature of this Islamofascist establishment that has hijacked and abused a once proud nation since 1979.


BillyHW said...

This has happened before:

chester said...

Christian converts - what a joke.
First it was an accident, then it was monarchists, now it's Christian converts.
And whatever group it was, they were backed by the U.S. & Britain, of course.
Oh, Brother! Are there 10 people in Iran who really still believe this crap?

Rosemary said...

I pray for my brothers and sisters in Iran. Christians, in case anyone was wondering. I also pray for the peaceful Persians (NOT Iranians) to be able take back their country soon.

Chester, go sit on it. The USA doesn't have the cajones to do anything. Otherwise, they'd have done it a long time ago and would have been correct in doing so. "Go away little boy. You bother me." (WCF)

Did You Know? said...

wooow.. cant believe this

Azarmehr said...

Do you remember how a similar bombing in the Shiite shrine in Mashad was used to crack down on opposition, and it was only during the extra-judicial killings and Saeed Emami's confessions that it was made clear the regime itself had carried out the explosion to justify its crackdown. This all smacks of a similar plot.

Mberenis said...

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chester said...

Rosemary -

I guess you don't recognize sarcasm when you read it.
The regime blames the U.S. & UK for all it's problems.
Try reading my comment again.

Anonymous said...

One of the most oppressed people in iran are the Bahai' I fear for the Bahai' as it would not supprise me if the islmo fascists committed genocide on the good and peaceful Bahai'

We should demand that the islmo fascist stop the oppression of the Bahai' and we should welcome them to the united states as they would make great americans.

yochanan of LGF