Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fundraising Phase II

I did write about helping my mother battle with her cancer the other day and I am just posting a quick note to remind you that we still need your help and well wishes. I have got around USD 300 so far and the ultimate goal is to raise as much as possible. So, if you'd like to help, you can definitely do it now. Any sort of assistance is very much appreciated, from good words and wishes to money and medical support. Here is my paypal fund in case you'd like to contribute financially. If not, please wish me and my family luck. Thanks so much! Btw, let me know if you'd like me to disclose your name, amount of donation or any thing like that. Again, I do appreciate any help I can get.


Sohrab said...


Your mother is in my prayers.

- Sohrab

Adrian from Denmark said...

Hi buddy,
You just got a little contribution from Denmark, though I fear it don't make any mentionable difference.
I really wish all the best for your mum, and hope she'll make it and become 'as good as new" again :-)
Lance Armstrong managed to fight the cancer and after that, he won Tour de France, so it is possible with a good outcome.
Best of luck

Adrian from Denmark said...

Btw. My mum had breastcancer about 5 years ago, so I too know the feeling like being a boxer on the edge on a knock-out.
Remember to take care of yourself too, so you are enough strong to take care of your mum. That's more important than you can imagine.

Winston said...

Thanks Adrian...