Saturday, May 3, 2008


Here we are almost five years after Iran's secret nuclear activities revealed. The entire world including IAEA and the major western powers know that this crazy regime in Iran is after the nuclear weapons yet they keep offering them more incentives hoping for something that will never materialize.

Secretary Rice even doubts that these maniacs would abandon their quest for nuclear weapons.
Well, Ms. Rice, you really don't need to doubt it. The mullahs have said many times that they don't care about the toothless UN sanctions. Who are you kidding Ms. Rice? You know better than I do that these crazy people will not abide by the sanctions just like Saddam Hussein didn't in the 1990s. Show me one single rogue country that has been deterred by rounds of the toothless UN sanctions. Saddam ignored UN for 12 bloody years and his reign of terror ended ONLY when the US and allied forces attacked and removed him from power by means of force. Is this what we want to see happening in Iran where the vast majority of the people CLEARLY expressed their hatred for the current regime? The mullahs don't care about a corrupt and lazy piece of crap like UN and sanctions won't help us solve the main issue which is the Iranian regime support of terrorism around the world.

This hopeless path will lead us to an inevitable war to destroy the nuclear facilities of the regime. There has always been a better way for this huge Iranian problem: Regime Change.

متاسفانه جامعه جهانی با علم به اینکه این حکومت جنایتکاراسلامی ایران توجهی به تذکرات سازمان ملل نخواهد کرد همچنان برای جلب نظر این اخوندهای منفور مالیخولیایی بسته های اقتصادی-تشویقی ارائه میده. ایا 12 سال اشتباه در مدارا با حکومت یک روانی دیگر در منطقه (صدام حسین) برای دنیا درس عبرت نشد؟ ایا قراره تمام مشکلات اینطوری حل بشه؟... تشویق، تحریم و بعد هم بمباران؟ 12 سال حکومت صدام حسین تحریم بود ولی در انتها با فقط با زور اسلحه و بمب بود که صدام کنار رفت.. کدوم حکومت در این دنیا میشناسید که با تحریم و تشویق مجبور به کاری شده؟ ایا کسی از سازمان ملل فاسد و تنبل میترسه؟ بارها سید علی گدای خامنه ای گفته که از تحریم هراسی نداره. به نظر شما ایا راه مناسبتر در مواجهه با مشکل ایران کمک به تغییر این حکومت کثیف و جانی نیست؟ مردم ایران از دست این حکومت اسلامی خسته شده اند و مطمئنا بمباران صنایع اتمی ایران به حل صورت مسئله که همون حکومت تروریست پرور اسلامی باشه ، کمکی نخواهد کرد. اخوندها در ایران دقیقا راه صدام حسین رو دارند طی میکنند. بامید اینکه در اخرین لحظه بتونن از مهلکه فرار کنند. به نظر من این رهی که این کشورهای غربی میروند به ترکستان ختم خواهد شد. از من گفتن و از شما نظاره کردن. فقط امیدوارم 12 سال طول نکشه


jaya said...

The only incentives that should be offered the mad mullahs of Iran, should be the incentive to surrender under the muzzle of a gun. Encouraged by the pusillanimous, back-stabbing Jimmy Carter they have spread unchecked like an infection.
They have converted the open, progressive country that used to exist under the Shah into a regressed, theocratic Hell-hole, from which only evil shows. They will accept no compromise, no incentive and no reason. They exist only to destroy the spirit freedom and enlightenment of their neighors and if they get their way, the world. The world must confront them, destroy them and eradicate their cancerous idiology from the face of the Earth. Hopefully before they get nuclear weapons. It will be horrendous for the hapless Iranian population. Unless they rise up and destroy the mad mullahs, They will be the first sacrificed at the altar of the mullah's poisonous idiology. The mad mullahs will cast the blame upon those that will be forced to do the dirty work of freeing Iran from the mullahacracy. Weak-minded dupes like Carter will take up their cause and bemoan the cruelty of the liberators of Iran. I'm truly sorry for what I fear is to come. There will be pain and blood and darkness for the Iranian people and Carter's name will be remembered throughout history for the seed he helped to plant. Habitat for Hellocracy. Thank God I supported Ford. I couldn't bear the guilt, otherwise.

Amir said...

موافقم که بمباران ایران کمکی به ایران نمیکنه. ولی برای شما متاسفم. شما فکر میکنید که کشور دیگه ای دلش به حال مملکت ما میسوزه و به ما کمک میکنه؟؟؟ اگر کسی به ما کمک کنه که ایران انقلاب بشه، برای این خواهد بود که از آب گل-آلودش ماهی بگیره!!

Winston said...

Jaya, I think the only incentive offered to the mullahs should be tons of canned heat.

Winston said...


در طول تاریخ کشورها به هم کمک کردن که انقلاب کنند یا از بند اسارت رها شوند.... فرانسه به امریکا کمک کرد، امریکا به کشورهای اروپای شرقی در زمان جنگ سرد کمک کرد و انگلیسیها هم به کمک سایرین دول اسپانیا و فرانسه رو شکست دادند. امیدوارم بیشتر تاریخ مطالعه کنی و خودت رو از شر بندهای خاورمیانه ای تئوری توطئه رها کنی دوست عزیز

ratedrsuperstar said...

As you may know I am a frequent reader of your blog. I find your insights into the current Iranian regime to be very engaging. I was wondering if you had any comment about the recent uproar about Hillary Clinton's comments regarding what she would do if Iran attacked Israel with a nuclear weapon. Personally, I find it unconscionable that so many people were outraged by her reply. Lord knows I despise Hillary but it reeks of moral bankruptcy,in my opinion, that so many people think it would be just peachy keen for the theocratic regime to wipe out an entire nation. Sorry I had to vent a bit. I do welcome your opinion on the matter. IF Iran did do such a thing, what do you feel would be the appropriate response?