Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shameful Incentives

I am really embarrassed to see that the US is freaking quick to offer the mullahs the incentives they probably don't need or deserve. The only incentive these criminal clerics deserve is tons and tons of canned heat. And then look at this clueless statement by a US official:
    "It is not a major step forward, frankly, because we think it was a very good offer in the first place. We simply don't understand why the Iranians have not put more interest in it," the senior U.S. official told Reuters.
Well, duh... The crazy mullahs won't quit their nuclear arms program just because clueless western governments are offering them some stupid carrots. They'll stop when they have a completed bomb and that'll be the nightmare all of us will not be able to fathom. Go ahead and offer them incentives all you want... Mock yourself more and let the maniacs in Tehran laugh at your stupidity. Disgusting!

شرم اور و مایه خجالت هست که این اروپایی ها و امریکایی فکر میکنند رژیم اسلامی ایران برنامه ساخت و تولید سلاح اتمی خودش رو با دریافت این مشوقهای خنده دار متوقف میکنه. کابوس ایران اسلامی مسلح به بمب اتمی زمانی درک خواهد شد که دیر شده و کاری از دست هیچکس برنخواهد امد. واقعآ برای این عده احمقی که در دولتهای امریکایی و اروپایی کار میکنند متاسفم که ذره ای قادر به درک خطر یک ایران اسلامی مسلح به سلاح کشتار جمعی نیستند. مایه خجالت هر بنی بشریست

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