Saturday, June 14, 2008

Breaks my heart

To see these photos published by the reformist ISNA news web site breaks my heart really bad. In an oil rich country at a time when oil prices are at all time high, little kids have to work to provide for their poor families... Recently, I talked to a close relative inside of Iran who is a retired professor and she mentioned the fact that government has failed to pay the pension and benefits of the retirees. Apparently, the Petro-dollars are leaving Iran like crazy and that's probably why the regime is unable to pay its own workers, teachers and professionals.

This video is taken yesterday in the north-eastern city of Mashad during the recent anti-corruption demonstrations. Similar protests have taken place in Tehran and other major cities, I have been told. Support the Iranian people

Azarmehr from UK has more on this

Photos from Zanjan's university demos


Azarmehr said...

I remember how a friend of mine in Iran was crying on the phone when I had rang them to exchange Nowrooz greetings few months ago. He was telling me he was looking out of the window when he saw kids scavenging around garbage bags for food. he said of course we see these things all the time but to see something like this on Nowrooz, the iranian New Year, really broke my heart.

As Winston rightly says why should our people suffer such hardship when we have so much income from oil alone?

Kafir said...

I don't believe the petro dollars are leaving Iran. I believe two things are happening with that money: 1) Nuclear technology, even for peaceful purposes, is expensive. 2) It is being squandered to shore up a sagging economy, and that effort is failing.