Thursday, June 19, 2008

No Body

Iran's No Body in Chief 'Ahmadinjihad' claims the US wanted to kidnap him while he was visiting Iraq a few weeks ago. Well, aside from the laugh this may give you but here are some stuff the foreign observers should note: 1- He is a stupid low IQ moron in the first place, 2- He suffers from Narcissism and many more mental disorders, 3- He is so NO BODY that he's trying to boost his ugly image by making up stories.

I am hopeful that he's just blown up but if that wouldn't happen, then I am certain that he will have his Saddam like trial in a free Iran and will be punished for being plain stupid.


chester said...

Lol. I'll drink to that!

Frieda said...

I thought you may like to know about this blog:

Ali said...

salam winston
khubi ? man Ali hastam parsal ziad chat dashtim
chekar mikoni canada ? khosh migzare?
rasti mishe weblogeto 2 zabane koni? chon man kheyli kar dar zabanam khub beshe
rasti sam chetore? ye akse jadid azash baram mail kon

John_David_Galt said...

I still believe (and I think the US leadership does too, though they aren't talking) that President Ahmadinejad was one of the "students" who captured the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979 and held the diplomats hostage for more than a year.

If this is so, then I would have our country kidnap him and hold him for trial. I would even violate his diplomatic passport (since he did it himself) when he comes to New York to attend UN meetings.

I suspect the only reason this has not already happened is that it would get the whole UN mad at the US. But if we can catch him in Iraq, he's certainly fair game.