Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Terrible news out of UK

I have been reading quite a lot about the path that many western European countries have taken towards abyss and self-destruction after the world war II ended in 1945. Europe is nothing but a very old and rotten continent that has several problems from Islamic terrorism, greed, socialism, racism, environmentalism to immigration and anti-antisemitism ...etc. So there's no hope in hell for Eurabia and it is a lost cause in my very own opinion. I do see no future for an old continent that allows Islamists and ex-terrorists act freely and incite hatred. Truth be told, the recent crazy act is done by the Brits again. They just removed the criminal Marxist-Islamist MEK from their terrorism list. It's a blow to those true Iranians, in and out of the country, who have fought honorably against the clerical regime of Iran and their ex-supporters like these terrorists at MEK and other Islamonazis since 1979 and have paid heavy price for their actions. I warned against such action months ago and I'd like to draw your attention to this superb analysis written by the famous Iranian analyst Kenneth Timmerman.He has another article on MEK that can be informative. Michael Rubin of AEI has a better piece on this terrorist organization.

MEK/PMOI/NCRI organization has killed several American military officers and contractors in Iran during the 1960s and 70s and later in the 1980s these Islamo-Marxist terrorists aligned themselves with the murderous regime of Saddam to kill Kurds, Iraqi Shiites and their own countrymen during the 8 year long Iraq-Iran war. For their treason, they're hated by the vast majority of Iranian people. They're viewed as traitors and anti-Iran idiots. Especially the older generation could not forgive these people for helping ayatollah Khomeini during the anti-Shah revolt of 1979. Not to mention their big involvement with the illegal seizure of the US embassy on two occasions in the same year. It's an organization that has no problem abusing its own dissenting members. What would they do if they seized power in a post-clerical regime Iran? Will they be our very own 21st century Khmer Rouge? Will the stupid Europeans be responsible for that or, as usual, they would just sit by and enjoy the massacres?

I am sure if al-Qaeda or Hamas denounced terror and started wearing a pretty useful mask and hid behind the vague slogans like democracy and human rights, Britain and other useless Eurowhinies would remove them from their terrorist list immediately. I'm however certain that European politicians and stupid activist judges have no problem appeasing any terrorist group, be it al-Qaeda, Hamas or MEK. Will their terror related problems go away? Hell no! It'll come back to haunt them really soon. Europe is a lost cause and I'll be alive to see the day when it happens.

Opposing the forces of evil represented by thugs of MEK/NCRI has nothing to do with appeasing the Mullahs of Iran. It does have every thing to do with integrity, honesty and rule of law. Once an organization used terrorism as a mean to justify its goals, it can not be trusted again. And these terrorists at MEK/NCRI/PMOI have been guilty all along in the court of Iranians' public opinion. There will be a day when these criminals have their day in a fair and free court in a fair and free Iran, but until that day it is every one's duty to fight these idiots who once helped the current regime. There's no good terrorist. A good terrorist is a dead one or at least held in Gitmo forever.


Anonymous said...

We knew this day was coming.

British rationale = MEK haven't killed anyone lately. Sad.

On the bright side, it ticks off the regime and gives them one more thing to worry about.

Nicolas Krebs said...

There is nothing such Eurabia except in the mind of some conspiracy theorists.