Thursday, July 24, 2008

Freedom Agenda

President Bush's Freedom Agenda revisited today when he spoke about captive nations:
    "This morning, I have a message for all those throughout the world who languish in tyranny: I know there are moments when it feels like you're alone in your struggle. And you're not alone. America hears you. Millions of our citizens stand with you, and hope still lives -- even in bleak places and in dark moments."
Your words on this subject have always been very nice Mr. President but you never really followed this "Freedom Agenda" as you should have especially with respect to Iran. You could have been a lot more decisive in helping the captive nations of the world liberate themselves from the yoke of tyranny, terror and darkness. [+]


Ayatollah Ghilmeini said...

Dear Winston,

I must slightly disagree. Bush has liberated over 50 million people in two wars. I do not believe he will leave office without doing something to stop Iran.

I have long said that if Bush takes down Iran before he leaves office, he will have stopped many of the worst enemies of our time and that history will look at his presidency as a great success. I also believe that if he fails to stop Iran, history will not be kind.

I believe the Ayatollah's burned their last bridge this week, between missing the offered olive branch offered at the last negotiations to telling the UN to pack up, they think they have won, in truth, they have signed their death warrants.

The Busheir reactor is scheduled to be fueled in October. That is the deadline.

Kind Regards,


Winston said...

Hey Ayatollah... I understand what you said but the liberation the Iraqis and Afghanis were by-products of the justified invasion of those two countries. Not that it was not on president's mind but these were not his number one priorities. The priority of the president of the United States is to uphold the constitution and defend it by any means. (Hope I am right on that).

Louise said...

I'm still wondering what the full implications of the meeting held in Geneva last week might be. The two weeks will be up on August 2nd. What then?

chester said...

what then, louise?
Then they go to the UN again and more time goes by while they get approval for more sanctions.
And Khamenie laughs and things carry on as usual in Iran.

Louise said...

That's what I'm afraid of.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disillusion more. Nothing is going to happen with Bush's Iran. Bush is just talk. Wait until next year.

Kafir said...


I have to agree with Ghilmeini. When the US went to liberate Afghanistan and Iraq, Canada and Europe came along, but like my kids when I ask them to accompany me to the store, their attitude was of the "Do we have to?" variety. So, if you're looking for someone who hasn't done everything they can to liberate the oppressed peoples of the world, direct your scorn at Ottawa and the capitols of Europe.

Pat the Realist said...

I agree with you on Iran. I disagree with you on Georgia and Russia, Georgia being the bad guy, Russia the good guy and America so simuliar to Iran!...both are nations full of angry and aggressive Religious Zealots, with the only slight difference being that the Americans are predominently Christian while the Iranians are mostly Moslem. And I dont want to see either of them with Nukes.