Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Leftists are nuts

This blog has twice been mentioned by a very confused guy named Andrew Sullivan before. Though it really doesn't mean any thing to me. The guy has become a complete nutcase and a silly entity just like other nutty leftists. His latest fear mongering piece is to warn us that if Republicans win in November there will be war against Iran (Iran or the regime). He really thinks that McCain/Palin will attack Iran militarily. It's just very sad to see this moron supporting the Islamonazis of Iran like this. Any one trying to show any sign of support for this criminal entity in Iran is a big idiot first and a partner in the Mullahs' crimes second.

I don't understand why he is so concerned about the well being of the mad Mullahs. I hope I am wrong but, you know, living off blogging only is not gonna make any one rich. There's not much money in blogging. May be the criminal Iranian Mullahs sent him some cash?! Who knows!?! This is plain ugly.

Every one needs to worry about Iran except an idiot like Andrew Sullivan who is more worried about the well being of the Iranian regime:
    "Ahmadinejad is also the chief spokesman for a regime that represses religious and ethnic minorities, women, students, labor groups and homosexuals. A government willing to persecute its own people can only be viewed as even more dangerous if armed with nuclear weapons."


frieda said...

did you see President Bush with the dissidents of the world..what was sad about this gathering was that Iranian opposition was not there. Because we do not have an opposition leader!

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Apache Man said...

It's very sad that such crap is happening to the excellent people of Iran. Hopefully the next war we see in Iran will be when the outraged people of Iran rise up and overthrow the mullanazi pigs that run Iran now. Also hopefully, the USA will be supporting the people in Iran that are in revolt against the islamisist fanatics with evrything they need to be successful.