Monday, September 29, 2008

No Talking, plz

I have been away for the past few days so I had a brief chance to watch the presidential debate and saw what empty suit Obama had to say about negotiating with the Iranian Mullahs. Clearly, he and his team of 300 experts have no clue about the nature of the criminal entity that is running Iran. Obama thinks his empty suit and rhetoric will scare the mullahs and make them behave better. Well, he has been wrong on every single issue, from Iraq, Russia to Iran and beyond. Sen. Hussein Obama doesn't understand that his willingness to sit down with the crazy clerics will be interpreted as a sign of weakness. This piece by Michael B. Oren and Seth Robinson at WSJ makes some good sense:
    "Rather than improving U.S.-Iranian relations and enhancing Middle East stability, any American offer to dialogue with Iran is liable to be interpreted as a sign of American weakness"


Anonymous said...

I believe during the debate that McCain said this would be a bad idea too, because it would legitimize Ahmadinejad.

Jungle Mom said...

Exactly, many people do not understand the amount of 'play' these leaders get out of this type of meetings back home. The people have to deal with an inflated ego and they are the ones who suffer even more by legitimizing the guy.