Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama, Who Are You?


Anonymous said...

Dude! Who produced this? Nicely done. Good cathartic crescendo via elegant minimalist visual imagery, subtle musical score solidified with a very well scripted and timbred vocal track. I liked it.

Anonymous said...

His choice of friends and collegues during his adult life provides insight into who is and what he believes.

His lack of accomplishment leaves us no option but to assume that he thinks like them.

Notable among them are Ayers,Al Mansour,Wright, and Rezko.

His affection for Alinsky's work and his being embarrassed to wear a flag pin is another clue.

Winston said...

I read about the producer of these videos on September 19th edition of the Wall Street Journal. He is not affiliated with McCain. The producer/director of the videos is an independent Republican. I think his videos are good.

Apache Man said...

Have you seen the "Veggie Hill" vid? Check it out. It's hillarious!