Wednesday, October 29, 2008


McCain wants to change Washington DC's culture of corruption and irresponsibility for good but Hussein Obama wants to change America because he really doesn't care about it. He, like many other anti-US Leftists, doesn't like America the way it is. This is scary! The political culture within the US government, of which Obama's party is a major part, has been responsible for the current mess. Don't change America! Remember that all known fascist dictators of the world including Hitler, Stalin, Khomeini, Mao and Castro offered the same crap. It really is not hard for president Obama and a majority run democratic congress to shape the United States the way they'd like: Socialism, banning radio talk shows and conservative media outlets, jailing prominent conservative and outlawing the parts of the US constitution they don't like. Do not let the Socialist wing of the DemoNRatic party led by Obama take over your country. Keep on fighting and vote for McCain and GOP candidates on Nov 4th.

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