Friday, October 24, 2008

Coronating Obama

The fact that Mullahs prefer Obama is undeniable. This morning I was chatting with a friend who is living in a religious town in NE of Iran. She was saying that the regime media outlets have already coronated Barky Obama as the next president of the United States. Apparently the criminal regime of Iran will be a lot happier if Hussein O got his way into the White House. Mullahs know that appeasement offered by Barky O and Slow Joe is exactly what they need to buy time to finish their dangerous projects. Also look at what MSNBC reporter says from Iran:
    "Others seem to believe that the hard-line policies of Sen. John McCain may be exactly what are needed to deal with the current Iranian regime. "I think McCain should become president, America needs a strong experienced man to deal with this region," said a student who spoke on the condition of anonymity."
P.S: In the meantime the Mullahs talk about targeting a major European city and have reminded us that they are stupid enough to attack Israel. Also some Obama's aides praise Iran.


Louise said...

Just a little more than a week left. This one is a real nail bitter, just like the last one where Bush just squeaked by. One thing I've learned is the polls don't really get to the real pulse of the people and they are pretty much useless. Let's hope McCain and the Repubs wins, if for no other reason than to keep the Messiah and Pelosi and her crowd out.

Mehran said...

Don't despair Winston. An inexperienced starry-eyed Democrat in the White House may yet cause irreparable damage to a complacent regime, and create more havoc in the region than a pragmatic Republican President. (Carter, anyone?)

Wouldn't that just be the perfect solution? A man whom the world has invested so much in emotionally, embarking on his own Middle East misadventure, and thoroughly disappointing all those retarded liberals in the process. Wouldn't that be sweet?

The mullahs may yet rue the day they endorsed Kharak Osama.

Winston said...

Mehran, you might very well be right. But Obama's dangerous to America itself. His radical platform will weaken the United States and will invite more hostility from the outside world. Plus radical change is always bad. It will end up damaging the very fabric of the American society which we all love and take for granted. Obama is bad for the US and for the world.

Mehran said...

Winston, whilst I agree that Osama (sorry, Obama) is dangerous for the world, I don't really think he is going to subvert the American society itself.

He is as Establishment as they come. You don't get to have friends like Warren Buffett and that weasel Brezsinski if you're a dangerous radical.

I just think he's presidency has Disaster written all over it - Carter's second term, if you like.

See what Michael Reagan has to say about it:

(On another topic, last week I deleted you by mistake from YouTube, and now I can't find you again. Help!!)

Winston said...

I am here

Nobody's Dhimmi said...

The comments are as interesting as your posts. Gives me hope. I have occasion to travel to small towns in my state and find the American spirit is alive and well and ready for change-- but not the change Obama is planning.