Friday, October 3, 2008

Debates Here & There

While Governor Sarah Palin was hammering slow Joe Biden in the US presidential debate south of the border, we had our own little childish show (aka debate) here in Canada. I didn't watch it first. I had to see how Gov. Palin was to beat the hell out of that jerk in the debate and then I could watch the Canadian electoral debate.

Frankly, I think all 4-5 opposition leaders have got serious mental disorders. One of the most serious one of these disorders is called Bush Derangement Syndrome. Oh my goodness, how many times did the Taliban Jack, Stephen "carbon tax" Dion and the clueless whiny others ganged up on poor PM Harper and show their ugly deranged sides? It was too many to keep the count but this is one crazy and childish political debate. The Greenie thought the solution to world's problems is to do some carbon tax. The infamous Taliban Jack showed his Commie side by bashing big businesses and Quebec leader couldn't just get past 2003 liberation of Iraq. Stephen Dion should really work hard on his communication skills, really. Even a Tim Horton's coffee shop won't hire him as a cashier in real world. All of them are in favor of raising taxes, reversing the tax cuts, defeat in Afghanistan and alienating the only ally Canada has got which is the United States. I could see myself banging my head against the wall tonight after watching a few morons ganging up on PM Harper. Two of those debaters should not really be there. Greenies and Bloc Quebecois are not national parties and their place in these debates are questionable. I do hope that Mr. Harper gets the majority he deserves.

Any how, if you're south of the border in the US please hear us out. We're surrounded by bunch of naive and stupid opposition leaders whose Bush Derangement Syndrome has blinded them to their own deficiencies and shortcomings. I certainly applaud prime minister Harper's patience. grace and cool headed responses to these clowns. Way to go Mr. Harper!


Louise said...

And I missed all three debates. The two in Canada and tonight's in the US. Hopefully I'll find a video somewhere in the next few days.

Winston said...

You didnt miss much by not watching the Canadian debates. They were awful. Bright example of political madness (leftism) could clearly be seen there.

Louise said...

Thanks for the warning. I may not want to look so hard for a video now.

Louise said...

Well, silly me. I found the English debate and watched part of it. You're right. Four leftards against one man who makes sense.