Sunday, November 9, 2008

I wrote to Pres. Bush

This is what I mailed to President Bush in a letter:

Dear Mr. President

I'm an Iranian living in Canada and ever since your election in the year 2000 I have been a supporter of your actions and leadership. I am so glad that I got to see your presidency. I am also happier that you never gave in to the ridiculous demands of your critics to directly negotiate with the terrorist regime of Iran. It means a lot to us Iranians and it really warmed our hearts to know that we have had a friend in the White House who never gave legitimacy to the ruling Mullahs of Iran through direct negotiations. Although I wish you had helped the Iranian people decide their future by overthrowing the current regime. Nevertheless, it is my duty to remember that you're a great man with a good heart.

I have meant to write you this letter of appreciation for a long while and today it is my turn to say thank you for what you have done. I am grateful that your great country liberated two enslaved nations in one of the most brutal regions of the world. And I am grateful to you for empowering the pro-freedom people of the middle-east to stand for themselves. And I do appreciate your message of support for the Iranian people in particular. It meant a lot to us and we'll never forget you. You'll be greatly missed.

I will definitely miss you and your great leadership and I shall be defending you and your presidential legacy forever. The purpose of this short message was to thank you for what you have done. You and your amazing family will always be in my thoughts and I wish you and Mrs. Laura Bush a happy and successful private life. Please take good care…


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kindness to a man that has been vilified for the past 8 years.

anon said...

Dittos to comment by anonymous above

alison said...

Funny i just did a piece on Laura Bush.

Good letter. Yes he had a good heart.

I don't think he was the best man for the job during a difficult time for the US and the world. Not because of his policies which are arguably good or contentious and may or may not pay off in the years ahead - but because he never seemed in control.

He allowed the media to have a field day with him which was a bitter blow and turned to ridicule which was fatal.

Tony Blair lent him much credibility (his speech to the Commons re going to war was powerful and full of genuine concern - he was a terrific orator which is - as you now see with Obama - extremely important) and he sacrificed his career for Bush.

The issues we face always need people who are able to convey a clear and concise message about the threats we face because we are as much in the middle of a war of words with terrorists as anything else.

I never subscribed to Blairs home policies but I was an ardent fan and admirer of his position on Iraq and terrorism even if the war was flawed in its strategy and PR.

I wish to God Bush had had Blair's ability to deliver the verbal. In America where they hold their politicians in more esteem than we do, that would have gone some way to eliciting much needed respect.