Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ignorance led to Obama

First off, I am now in California again. Visited Reagan library and it was an awesome experience for me. But let me be very blunt: Ignorance among the US voters led to an Obama victory this Tuesday. Period!

What I have seen in the past few days in my travels across the US is the level of ignorance and illiteracy among the liberal or left leaning voters. Most of them are not aware of world events and act like adolescent people. None know any thing about history. That's a big problem for an America which wishes to remain a superpower. Aside from "affirmative action" who has already got all of us an Obama presidency, ignorance and leftist values have played major roles in damaging this once great country. Uninformed people tend to be liberals. For example, I held long conversations with those who voted for Hussein Obama and none of them knew any thing about the world beyond their county or state borders. Honestly, none of those idiots I talked to did know what G8 is or, what is the name of the Canadian capital city. These are issues that I don't know how can be addressed. This is not a blame game. The Conservatives did not do their job properly either. Of course, the Conservative movement in the United States was dealt a defeating blow and a Reaganesque character is needed to restore the confidence of the Conservatives. Unfortunately, something should be done about those who know nothing about the world and yet decide the future and lives of other people. The uninformed, ignorant, play-station and lazy bone generation need to be taught history so they know facts. There's a long road ahead of us to take America back and make it a great country once again.


Mehran said...

Listen to this hilarious clip from the Howard Stern show:

It confirms why a lot of ignorant idiots voted for Hussein Obama, simply because he was black, without having a single goddam clue what he stood for, or even who his running mate was.

Genevieve said...

First it is the story teller who is bad-mouthing by calling millions of people "Idiots", he should learn to respect other people's opinions and think that maybe he is the one who is an arrogant "ignorant".
It is true that lots of people have never seen beyong their backyard and don't know much about history. But the majority of these people do know more that the writer give them credit. I come from France my whole family suffered from antisemitism and holocaust, I have learn lessons from history taught in school and in life past present and foresee the future, a better one with Barak Hussein Obama for hundreds of reasons too long to explain here - and I am aware of some consequences that might occur but that I believe people will not let happen. What Obama stands for is a better world for his family and for others too. No more racisme and no more antisemitism!!! no more catholic vs. protestant. Unify we all will win, devided we all loose. So please join us all! and open your mind widely, it's been closed for too long!

Linda said...

Genevieve, you poor misguided fool. Obama is a Racist, he attended a racist church, all of his friends are racists. He also stated in his book that if push comes to shove he will side with the muslims. I'm hoping that you are not a Jew because antisemitism is on the rise. The changes you think you are going to get are not the changes that will take place. Forget all the free stuff you thought you were getting, even our freedom of speech is threatened by this guy. You need to read about history, this is for real not a video game.

Terry said...

I believe that we will come back. Really. The Republican party had lost its way and we have a lot of up and coming people in our party -- there are important branding messages we have to figure out how to debunk -- but Bobby Jindal, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin -- they and many others like them are the future of our party. Bobby Jindal could mop the floor with Barack Obama in four years. Sarah can bring more women into our party.

The Republican party is seem as a party of white men and religious "nuts" -- actually it is the most inclusive party out there and we need to figure out how to create the larger message and truly stand for something again. We also need to weed some people out and bring in new energy. This was started with Sarah Palin, especially for women. People are energized to bring the party back.

We will be destroyed financially in two years if they do the Open Card Check law and raise taxes. President did not have time to focus on the what Republicans stood for he was just trying to put out fires and keep us safe. He made mistakes, but it is funny now they are saying things like, "You know President Bush gave more money to Africa for AIDS than any other president in history" -- so funny, now they have won they can be compassionate!

Don Miguel said...

"I have learn lessons from history taught in school and in life past present and foresee the future, a better one with Barak Hussein Obama"

LOL! If you had really learned those lessons you would know that most of what Obama proposes has been tried before and always failed!

Eagle50 said...

I agree that ignorance is a problem for many Americans. They simply are unaware, not unable to understand. Ignorance is not an insult, it's a condition anyone can be in.

What can we expect when our media (news and Hollywood) worships image and manipulates access to information, when political correctness retards our ability to communicate plainly and effectively with each other.

That Howard Stern clip is heart wrenching and mind numbingly sad.

I'm fighting back, and would like you to join me if you have a similar desire to stop sitting around complaining about it.

On Saturday I created - come and check it out, take the opinion poll, and decide if you want to participate.

Louis la Vache said...

You are so right. With the election of the Obamessiah, the United States has effectively helped Western Civilization - or what little was left of it - commit suicide.