Saturday, November 22, 2008

Slammed in UN

Not that slamming Iranian regime's abuse of human rights by the UN is going to shame them to stop what they've been doing for 29 years but it clearly indicates how the majority of the int'l community do not care much about the regime either. This is significant at a time when the regime's nuclear program is about to be re-evaluated at the UN. Moreover we should appreciate the Canadian government's efforts for making a big deal out of the Iran's human right abuses. It's very important to remind the silent world about the savagery of the Islamic regime and for that I thank the Canadian gov't and PM Harper:
    “The adoption of this resolution is a clear signal of the international community’s concern for the human rights of people in Iran. It sends a message of hope to the victims of state-sponsored brutality and to the human rights defenders who seek to effect positive change in Iran”

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racistinamerica said...

Why doesnt anyone care about what this regiment is doing in Africa and the genocide going on there because of these sick people