Monday, November 24, 2008

Spy in Canada

We all heard about the alleged Israeli spy who was executed in Iran the other day. Interestingly enough, I came across his photos at the Iranian regime's semi-official Fars news website. The above photo was taken in southern entrance of the Toronto' Eaton Center. We don't know if this man was for real a spy or not. I don't even know if he was really executed by the regime. Was his trial just a show to scare others? This photo has had me thinking a lot and since I am not into speculations, I just leave it up to you to decide for yourself. But I'm overwhelmed by questions, silly and serious: Was he sent here for bunch of photos to make him look like a real traveling businessman? The regime has claimed that Ali Ashtari was a businessman in charge of importing electronics to Iran. Did they use him as bait? Was he an immigrant to Canada? How and when did he come to Canada?

This is an interesting story to me! Do you know any thing more about this fellow? Leave a comment if you do.


Gateway Pundit said...

Winston- I am wondering if this story has any connection to the news today that an Israeli spy network was busted in Iran and also the arrest of Hoder?
I have no idea but am just wondering.


Winston said...

Jim, I think it does. But Hoder is one of them. His dad, a wealthy Bazari businessman, funded the revolution back in 1979. Hoder's uncle, a former Islamic regime MP, was killed by competing factions back in 1981. The guy is a dope. Forget about him.

Rosemary said...

Hi Winston. I found this in the NY Times: Iran Executes Man in Spy Case, and Blogger’s Arrest Is Reported. It appears that he was arrested in 2006, and they only had the trial in June for treason with a sentence set for November? NO.

It is time for a change of the guard over here, and these monsters (Iranian gov't) are trying to see what they can get away with before he even gets into office. He could make a statement, but I doubt if he even knows it happened. See, he has more important things on his how to get the money out our grubby little hands and turn it over to the labor union bosses...

I want to cry.

Louise said...

Gotta wonder if Iran is thumbing its nose at Canada, too, for taking the position it does on the Mad Mullah's regime.

Amir said...

Funny. I saw the picture too and said to myself: hey, this is familiar; Eaton Centre. :)

You may have see his other pictures with several electronic devices. From the length of the antennas and size of the devices on those devices, I can say that those devices are for military use (longer antenna --> shorter frequency and longer range, large size --> probably a processor for encryption/decryption).

Therefore, I think he WAS buying stuff for the military. Therefore I am not surprised that he was targeted by MOSSAD. He could well BE used by MOSSAD to import defective parts for Iran's sensitive equipments or projects. Or he could be asked to sell equipments that had tracking devices or microphones in them (to find out what Iran does and where she does it).