Sunday, January 25, 2009

Farewell to Pres Bush

A fine photographic farewell to president Bush. 5 days into Obamble's fake presidency and it feels really horrible. Bring back President Bush.


chester said...

I think the most revealing thing the photographer said, was that he was shocked at the patriotism & nationalism in this country after Sept. 11th. That he'd seen patriotism in other countries, but not here.
I guess the people he works with (at TIME) and lives around aren't like that, and that's why he was so shocked.
It wasn't strange or shocking to most of the rest of us.

I miss Pres. Bush, too.

alison said...

Nice photos. He was a sweet man and never deserved the sometimes sick things said, demonising him. Not a great statesman unfortunately. Difficult times to have been in that job. The first time in history America was shown as weak and from which it is struggling to recover. I truly hate how the terrorists have created this weakness.

Anonymous said...

"The first time in history America was shown as weak "

Perhaps you don't remember Viet Nam.

Azadeh said...

Why you didn't publish my comments! it was just disagreeing with you!

Winston said...

Azadeh, I thought I have published your comment but I've had some internet connection problems so your comment might have been deleted or not published. Could I ask you to leave it again? thanks

Rosemary said...

I miss him so much, too. *_*