Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Personality Cult

Been trying to keep myself busy today with errands and other works that have to be done. Honestly, I am doing it to distract myself from the Obambi worship on mainstream media. It is really disgusting me. This type of treatment Obama is getting from them is just like the treatment the Iranian supreme leader Khamenei can receive in regime's media outlets. This is nothing but a personality cult. It's a dangerous disease for a healthy society like the United States. Those who are doing this will regret it in the near future. For now, I am not going to watch any major news channels. This cult of worshiping an empty suit radical leader is very bizarre.
Pajamas Media has a related piece

رفتار رسانه های عمومی غربی درمورد حسین اباما من رو به یاد مداحی و چاپلوسی های معروف رسانه های رژیم اسلامی از سران جنایتکار جمهوری اسلامی میندازه. واقعا که حالم رو بهم میزنه میبینم در شبکه سی ان ان و یا ان بی سی از حسین اباما هم مثل خامنه ای و خمینی تعریف و تملق میکنند. چاپلوسی، مداحی و تملق مسلمونهای تروریست مثل اینکه به لیبرال ها و چپی های امریکا و اروپا هم سرایت کرده. فکر کردم فقط در ضد سرمایه داری و تمدن ستیزی با هم اشتراک داشتند ولی مثل اینکه اشتباه کرده بودم. ها ها ها. حالا باید حداقل برای 4 سال وجود این شکنجه رو در کاخ سفید تحمل کنیم


alison said...

They've had that disease a while in the form of Hollywood and curiously it was those same stage trotting egos who swung their weight behind Obama and personality politics. It helps for a leader to be charismatic and good at speeches. But I agree with you this much adulation for a man who has done so little is absurd.

I blame the Republicans. Their tired old stick in the mud anti liberty politics forever stirring the culture wars, steeped too deep in Religious Right pandering left a wide open vacuum for Obama and a fresh sounding message. Combined with Bush's inability to sell and command what were reasonably just wars that led to a culture of hate that frankly Bush never deserved.

yikes said...

alison - some of the blame goes to the republicans. But most goes to the media. Most people are followers, especially when it comes to subjects they aren't very educated about. They rely on the media to educate them, and the msm has been working over-time pushing Obama.

alison said...

I agree with you about the MSM but see that as part of the same problem. The Republicans and Bush left too big of a void for a more media attuned personality to fill.

yikes said...

Alison - That " more media attuned personality" couldn't have gotten to 1st base without the MSM supporting him every step of the way, no matter what the Republicans did or said. If the MSM doesn't report what the Republicans say, it isn't heard.

Jungle Mom said...

Winston I feel the same way. I guess living through the whole Chavez are in Venezuela opened my eyes and I find it very frustrating that most Americans do not realize what is happening. It literally makes me sick to my stomach to watch.

Kafir said...

The good news is that when this sort of thing happens, the wheels come off fairly quickly. For example, a missile hit Pakistan the other day taking out a terrorist and his family. Obama's supporters over at the Huffington Post are not happy.

When Obama ends up hated by both left and right, he doesn't stand a chance in 2012. Then we'll end up with a new president and, God willing, it will be Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal.