Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stupid Catholic Priest

As if the crimes of the Catholic church including the execution of the dissidents, scientists and thinkers hundreds of years ago, abusing children and financial embezzlement were not enough, now comes this this moron priest who has been denying the holocaust and may end up in jail for it. I hope they arrest this piece of crap and have him rot in jail. These religious a$$holes disgust me beyond imagination. On top of that, especially those MoFus who defend the clergy are more disgusting. They remind me of "Ansar al Hezbollah" thugs in Iran who go nuts if someone criticized the dick head of their religion Muhammed or their revolution Khomeini. Awful!

Of course the difference is simply in taste. One tastes like real crap while the other one is covered with delicious creams to disguise its real taste. Enjoy!

فرق دین اسلام با سایر ادیان بخصوص مسیحیت این هست: اسلام گه خالص هست و مسلما مزه گه میده اما مسیحیت گهی هست که روش خامه و مربا مالیده شده که کسی که میخوره مزه اش رو اول نفهمه

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