Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A very old rug

A great piece by Michael Rubin on the possible US overtures to the Iranian regime:
    They've sold us this rug before:

    "... whenever a president assumes the fault for our poor relationship lies with his predecessor more than with authorities in Tehran, the United States gets burned"
And let me add my own 2 cents here that as long as the Iranian regime can use the "Great Satan" as a mean to shore up its defense within its borders, they won't budge. The regime has used its hatred for the US or Israelis as a way to crush its own people and rally its supporters around the world. These crazy clerics won't let a newbie like Obama take that tool away from them. The regime is founded upon hatred for America. Who are they going to blame next time their people are stuck without fuel in middle of the winter? Who are they going to blame next time there's food shortage? Who are they going to blame when next time there's a riot against the regime? The Mullahs want to remain the United States enemy number one. They need a fake external enemy to survive. Plus they have no problem trying to bring their crazy hidden Imam back by wreaking havoc here and there. Take the elements of chaos, terror and instability away from these mass murderers in Tehran and they will be expired automatically. The survival of this regime is dependent on world wide chaos, panic and terrorism. The more, the better for these criminals.

اوباما بسیار ابله و خام هست اگر فکر میکنه با دادن یک سری امتیاز به رژیم جنایتکار ایران میتونه سر سازش رو با اونها باز کنه. بسیار احمق و نادان هست اگر فکر میکنه اخوند دشمنی با یهودی اسراییلی و کافر امریکایی رو ول میکنه برای صلح و انساندوستی. اخوند ایرانی اگر دشمن خارجی نداشته باشه وقتی برق قطع میشه یا مردم غذا و اب نداشته باشند چی کسی رو اونوقت میتونه متهم به کم کاری و دشمنی با ملت ایران کنه؟ فردا که مردم نصف مملکت در زمستون بدون گاز و نفت موندن چه کسی رو باید به مردم بعنوان عامل بدبختی ایرانی جماعت معرفی کنه؟ ملای لجن شیعه ایرانی بهیچ عنوان دست از دشمنی با امریکا و اسرائیل بر نمیداره چون وجود کثیفش به بحران سازی و ترور بستگی داره. متاسفانه تا 4 سال اینده باید هر روز از دست این مردک تازه کار اباما حرص بخوریم


chester said...

You're absolutely right, as usual
: )

yikes said...

"A very old rug" - great title.
Good article

Rosemary said...

I hate it when anyone does that, let alone a president. What don't they understand about weakness? *sigh*

Kafir said...

Did you ever read Orwell's 1984? The nation was always at war. This explained all the shortages of consumer goods and gave the population something to hate to keep their minds off their misery.

Anonymous said...

You're right!