Friday, March 13, 2009

Downed Drone

US fighter jet shoots down an Iranian drone flying over the Iraqi territory. Do you really believe that President Obamble's people think they could make nice with these crazy criminals in Tehran? Expect more violence and ugly stuff the moment this new wave of appeasement starts flying around the world. Appeasement never worked and never will.


Anonymous said...

there's no crazy criminals in teheran, but there seems to be one in canada. Anyways, obama will first talk to talibans, next with Nkorea and then to iran and hopefully - to hamas. He knows that's his only chance.

yikes said...

Lol. Hey regime guy, his only chance at what?

Anonymous said...

regime guy? Oh please. Now to answer the qiestion... it obvious: his only chance for improving all those bad situations you see in those countries. Taliban are simply too strong and popular there to be ignored. You know how they say: american soldiers have watches, but the taliban have time.

Meanwhile, there already are talks with so-called 'evil' countries like libya, nkorea and syria. And I think we'll soon see negotiations with cuba and hamas.

Yikes said...

Anonymous regime guy: Anyone who thinks that the regime is not a bunch of criminals is a regime guy. I also think you're the same anonymous that referred to "Bush & Israeli propaganda" on a previous post when commenting about the term islamofascist. The term fits.
If you don't like it, don't like Israel, and want us to make nice with terrorist organizations, you're on the wrong blog.

seeingright said...

About the only thing Obama will do is turn tail and run.. appeasment will not work with the terrorists. The only thing that works against terrorism is the sword!

A little piece I wrote today.. small quote here:

{{ Ronald Reagan was a great example of the hawk. He refused to let the Soviet Union off the hook and as a result communism in Russia and Europe collapsed. Now fast forward to the Obama Presidency and we have “the appeasers” coming out of the woodwork telling the Prez we have to negotiate — we have to learn to find some way to peacefully coexist with the “terrorists.” }}

FAT CHANCE that will work.. please show me any time in history where negotiation and appeasment has worked with the backward thinking Muslim killing in the name of Allah.

Anonymous said...

yikes: your description of the term 'regime guy' is really naive and stupid. By this logic, I can always say that anyone who thinks that the iranian regime is a bunch of criminals is an israeli propagandist. And who the hell wants to make you 'nice with terror organizations'? I've no idea where did you pick that one.

Rather than accusing me of some stupid unrealistic things, you should read my previous answer to you question and tell me why am I wrong (if you think I am wrong, of course).

Yikes said...

Anonymous regime guy/Liberal:
I didn't give a description of the term regime guy. I gave a description of a person who thinks that the regime is not a bunch of criminals. (it's a subtle difference)

There are 2 kinds of people in this world who think that the regime is not a bunch of criminals - 1) regime guys, 2)Liberals.
Whichever catagory you fall into, you're on the wrong blog.

Yikes said...

BTW - the countries (because they are run by evil people) and terrorist groups you mentioned ARE evil not just " so-called 'evil'"

Anonymous said...

right, but that's your opinion, Yikes. As I said before, this simple logic can be reversed, so that we could say: There are 3 kinds of people in this world who think that the regime IS a bunch of criminals - 1) ultrahard zionists, 2)hardcore pro-bush conservatives 3) simple people who buy just everything they heard from FOX tv and similar pro-bush media. See, we can play those games anytime. And you still hasn't answered my question.

I, for instance, don't belive in those silly terms like 'evil countries' and islamofascism (which is extremly stupid term). There are no 'evil countries' or religions, although there are evil individuals (like stalin, cheney, sharon etc). The world isn't black and white.

Yikes said...

Anonymous regime guy/Liberal:

You're a bore & waste of time. Discussion is over