Monday, March 2, 2009

Evil Mullahs

Since Obamble administration is not gonna be tough on the Iranian regime, I expect a lot of toughness from other governments of the world including Canada. Prime Minister Harper calls the Iranian regime "evil"
    "It concerns me that we have a regime with both an ideology that is obviously evil, combined with a desire to procure technology to act on that ideology. . . . My government is a very strong supporter of the state of Israel and considers the Iranian threats to be absolutely unacceptable and beyond the pale."
And that's very refreshing to hear. Maybe PM Harper's sane government can bring some sanity to the Obamble's insane people and keep them straight.


anarchore said...

Tell you what crypto-Kike go fuck yourself to hell terrorists, the overthrow is going to happen there will be no Jew world order.

Winston said...

I just allowed your comment so people can see what an idiot you are.

Louise said...

Loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

how stupid of them